Monday, September 15, 2014


As I mentioned when describing the beginning of this piece here, it probably wouldn't look that much different when completed.....and it doesn't.  But it is now complete...and surprisingly, not a bead in sight....hummm....maybe I shouldn't call it finished!!!   (Click on photos to enlarge)
 A TOUCH OF GOLD  15.25" X 24.75"
Artist hand-dyed and discharge printed on cotton, commercial fabric,  machine quilted with metallic thread.


Nancy said...

You achieved such fine detail in the discharge print. I often think the edges get blurry, but not so in this. Very pretty, and I like that large print border with it. What- no beads?

Robbie said...

As I said when I first saw this's wonderful!!! Just perfect!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I like the subtle leaf images in the quilting around the leaf blocks - very restful piece.

margaret said...

personally I love it just as it is no beads required unless who ever purchases it would like some