Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Now that the focal point has been attached, I can see more clearly a direction for additional embellishments. Supporting elements that enhance but don't compete with the agate.

I ALWAYS bead in a Q-snap assures that the thread tension is appropriate and by working with the fabric on grain....there is no distortion or puckering.  The only exception to my self-imposed rule is when beading bindings. 
Using several different seed bead colors and finishes.....I'm following some of the purple marbled design lines with both dimensional and straight line beading.  This will be time consuming but worth it.....when I get antsy, I'll remind myself....this is not a sprint....rather it's a marathon that should be enjoyed.


Kathy said...

Ah, yes--there is no sprinting in beading! It's a tortoise sport, not for the hares at all! This one is looking very good!

margaret said...

looking so good, lookes to me rather like a flowing river

Jeannette said...

Looking so neat and creative!