Wednesday, August 20, 2014


A friend was in need of a little "I care about you" the credit card case I just completed fit that need perfectly. Oh ya, I guess that means I should make another one!
 As is my practice, to act as a stabilizer, Pellon's lightweight non-fusible interfacing has been stitched to the back of a piece of 80/20 National Non-Woven's Woolfelt.  The basting lines indicate the cutting line for the case.

A flat mirror is captured with beadwork....spiraling out to add a bit more interest and texture.
A freezer paper template will guide me when cutting the lining section, as well as the backing.  These three layers will be secured with basting during the final step of beading the edges together.

I'm STILL shredding nearly 10 years of records, receipts, there's been little to do much creating except these small, yet rewarding projects.


Robbie said...

These are perfect! I saw where someone else uses Pellon as a backing to bead on. Hmmmmm I bought some Kraft-Tex fabric...really stiff...I'm going to wash a piece to see if it softens just a tad. Have you ever tried it?

margaret said...

what a nice little case for a credit card, happy shreading!