Wednesday, August 6, 2014


It was inevitable......
....... Heavy books
 .....VERY heavy clothing
 .....and other assorted items stored on wire shelving.....yup.....snap, crackle, & pop......the hanging devices broke and the ONLY thing saving the entire thing from totally collapsing onto the floor were the file cabinets that stopped the descent!
 This is another area in the closet, an example of how such a failure was bound to happen ....I do think of it as a shelving failure....not that I overloaded the shelf!  So far this side is still attached to the wall.

For years I offered wearable workshops and fashion shows.  The majority of these garments have been featured in my earlier books and many, many magazine articles.  Generally, the topics focused on my embellishing techniques.
 I simply have not been ready to find new homes or other uses for the garments.  For instance, I can see the top of this jumper....cut apart and incorporated into a wall quilt.....or for that matter worn by someone.  Size 10-12.....quite loose and roomy.

 Here's another jumper (front view) that has tons of work into it.  Perhaps the applique sections could be recycled.....or the jumper worn, or displayed on a mannequin in your sewing room for inspiration!   Size 10-12.....quite loose and roomy.
 Back view

So......'the husband' has spoken....the shelf will not be repaired unless I agree to say goodbye to these old friends.  This is JUST a sampling of the pieces I need to relocate.

Like many of you.....redoing a piece I personally created is not so I'm hoping someone finds this idea intriguing. If ANYONE, anyone at interested....please email me using the link on the right side bar.  I'm all for saying goodbye.......for a super, super, super low price (meaning cost of shipping) and possibly a trade for supplies but that's not mandatory.

If this turns out to be of interest....there will be many more offerings as I truly can't continue to store them and the option of Goodwill where the work will surely not be appreciated makes me sad.


Robbie said...

I hope someone does take you up on your offer!!! You are right...Goodwill is a great organization but you want someone to cherish these works!!! I would cherish but I don't need anymore either! I still have a blouse my daughter wore in 12th grade!! I just can't part with it...but I did (don't tell her!) cut a small 3 inch square from the bottom of it to make a small 'Prarie point' or a pocket!!! Can you believe that! So funny...I should post a blog pic of it! HA

margaret said...

how sad to be parting with these treasures, I am sure you will find homes for them. Like you I am trying to downsize my things as my girls say what on earth will they do with it all!

a maidenhair fern said...

Someone would love your beautiful pieces. Actually, they look like what my children's grade school teachers would have worn. Maybe ask a grade school teacher where they would purchase such an item, a fall bazaar? how about etsy?