Monday, August 4, 2014


The name Asheville equates both with great food and art....actually a large community of artists!  Really, there's not enough time to immerse oneself into everything that interests you.  However, I'm squeezing another activity...a hands on felting group. 
 It was fun getting acquainted with these talented gals and drooling over their work.  Here's a nuno felted piece made by Vasanto.
 She also created this colorful resist dyed piece.
I was especially drawn to to this piece.
 Dagmar brought these fabulous needle felted flowers.
 Our goal for this meeting was to create some felted flowers.  We began with a calla lily.....and Patricia's became a lovely necklace.
She decided to forgo the last flower project in favor of playing with adding some textures to the work.  At lunch we decided that would be the subject of the next gathering and she just couldn't wait.  Seeing what she did....none of us can wait either.


Nancy said...

Is there no end to the fun we can have with textiles and fibers?? And how nice to have a group of like-minded people to explore it with.

margaret said...

what a lovely variety of felts, afraid I am lazy these days and use my embellisher, no that is a bit of a fib must be over 12 months since it saw the light of day! There is a much nicer texture to these felts than can be achieved by machine