Friday, August 29, 2014


As long as we were going to be working with paint........I decided to bring some Wonder-Under along to try a technique that my Internet pal Robbie blogged about some time ago.  She learned this technique from the show Design Matters, an online subscription craft show.

 A piece of Wonder-Under was taped to a surface.....glue side up.  This is actually a virgin piece of the fusible are seeing previous paint and dye marks on the fabric table cover showing through.
I wet the 'material' slightly with plain water using a foam brush.  Next, using one of Denny's patterned rollers (like a firm rubber paint roller with patterns etched into the surface.) I rolled a couple of swipes coated with thinned black acrylic paint.  That was followed by two or three different colors of thinned paint.  The idea is to saturate it, which lifts the glue webbing from the paper....creating exciting textures and designs.
 Here's another one where I segregated the colors into 3 rows. 
 And another where paint is added after rolling a few lines from a different patterned roller. 4th piece.  Obviously they required drying.....which was quite fast because of our sunny day.  

The painted surface is handled just like you would with Wonder-Under....EXCEPT.....the painted webbing is placed on a fabric surface as an embellishment or a design motif, rather than beneath it.  

For instance, a leaf could be cut from the example above, placed glue side down on a fabric background, covered with a Teflon sheet and pressed until it adheres....the paper can then be peeled away.  Or peel the paper away first, position the painted webbing, again cover with a Teflon press sheet and heat set.  

I'm anxious to play with my papers and will report days seem to be disappearing lately without much stitching getting accomplished.  But, I'm guessing you all know how that feels!?!?


Nancy said...

Oh my... continued? I missed a post and will go back to have a look. Your hostess must have to herd all of you out to end the day because once started this fun day could go on and on! Those roller prints are very interesting. This is so intriguing. And the stuff you all must bring... quilters always tote stuff.

Margaret Cooter said...

That looks like so much fun - what great fabric you all made!

Robbie said...

I'm like Nancy...playing catch up! Painted fusible web is fun to use!!! Just remember once it is fused you can't put an iron over it...well, you can but your iron isn't any good after that! HA Love your colors and patterns!

Lisa Chin said...

I look forward to seeing what you end up doing with the painted fusible!