Tuesday, August 5, 2014


......Continued......felting fun with friends.....
 We gathered with our bins of wool roving, armed with books and various set of instructions to create wet felted flowers.
 We began by making stems for our first flower.....3 layers of roving, alternating the direction of the strips are arranged on a towel covered with bubble wrap.
 The layers of roving are wet with soapy warm water, covered with another layer of bubble wrap and rubbed vigorously with a nylon scrubby until the fibers mesh together.  Here's the petal of my flower as I work to turn these delicate fibers into a firm piece of felt.
 My completed flower.
 Another alternative to using bubble wrap to contain the fibers when wet felting is to roll the them in a bamboo mat instead. Here's Patricia's as she begins flower #2.
 Here's mine.....layers of purple, yellow and orange.  I've always used bubble wrap but after seeing how much faster the fibers felted with other methods....I may give them a try.
 This is a sample Vasanto's provided for our flower #2 project.
 Our flowers are drying....to retain the shape, the ends aremcleverly trapped in a wire shelf.
Our final flower was large.....featuring numerous petals, providing a wonderful opportunity to combine many different colors and fiber styles.

I'm already looking forward to learning and experimenting with more felting projects.


Nancy said...

Fascinating step-by-steps! Nice results, too.

Robbie said...

I'm impressed!!! Felting using soap and rubbing killed my hands!!! These flowers turned out really well!

margaret said...

some lovely flowers, you make it all sound so easy!

The Inside Stori said...

It might be hard on the hands, but just think what this can do for the battle against flabby upper arms!!