Monday, December 17, 2012


HIP HIP HOORAY.....THE PACKERS BECAME DIVISION CHAMPS YESTERDAY!!! back to the subject at hand..... I've begun playing with another tiny (6" x 6") felted wool resist dyed design.

 I really thought this one was going to go smoothly as I had a 'vision' for the embellishments.  
 NOT!!!!  It's a mess....totally!!
 One goal I had was to highlight some raised bead motifs that I'd recently been developing instructions for my workshops.  
As you can see....I've now removed many of the beads and added some embroidery on the right. But I doubt any of this will stay.  In my workshops, I make a point to encourage students to use the beading techniques I teach by integrating them into the design....not just plunking them down.  Which is what I've done here.

Again, when working on such a tiny's a challenge to develop a complement of embellishments when the background already has such high energy.

The marvelous advantage of working with felted wool is that the material isn't negatively impacted by removing previously stitched designs.  I think I was so hot to get started on another handwork piece that I simply didn't allow enough time to develop a thoughtful plan of action....either that or I'm in a creative dry spell!

Let's see what happens next......

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