Thursday, December 20, 2012


The name of this blog is "The Inside Stori" best describes my reasoning for writing a blog.  The idea was to provide students & other fiber addicted readers a means to get acquainted with my work......and NOT necessarily just the finished project.  Rather, the steps taken in my own studio/life to create my wall quilts.

For the last 25+ years I've used the time around Christmas and New Years to prepare hundreds of kits for my classes.  When I was teaching a really full schedule this process allowed me to have a large inventory to grab from as I packed for each trip, making it so much less stressful.

With my slow retirement, I'm pretty much making kits on demand.....which is actually much more work but sensible at this stage of my career.  That leaves me to today's task.

One of my workshops  on 2/21/13 (Thurs.) - "Beading Basics and Beyond" at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show in Hampton, VA will focus on beaded edging/binding techniques.  

I teach a couple of different classes on this subject, each highlighting specific techniques.  Students work along with me, watching a projection screen, as I talk them through the steps.  What a great way to learn!!!  They depart with a completed reference sampler similar to the one above and a real understanding of the subject.

When hundreds of these 'hot pad' or 'mock quilts' were needed, I hired someone to make them for me......but with retirement ahead I'm tackling that job as needed.  

It SHOULD be a good opportunity for me to practice free motion seems I'm always in a hurry and don't want to take the time to set up the machine, bla, bla, bla.'s my handwork for the next couple of nights.  Sewing the binding onto the mini quilts.  Yes, it probably could be done by machine however it's not as easy for students to learn to manipulate the needle in these areas that way.  

And you all thought this teaching thing was glamorous!!!  Here's some examples of how I use the techniques I've developed to frame and highlight my quilts.

  Note - this particular quilt is also a sample for my 2/23/13 (Sat.) class at this same conference.  In class we will conquer the even-count peyote stitch which can be used to surround and therefore capture beautiful stones, mirrors, cabochons to a fabric base.  It's a show stopper and it only looks difficult!!  

If you have ever wanted to get acquainted with beading or enhance the knowledge you already have..... here's your chance to register for one of three full-day workshops I'm teaching. I hope to see some of you there......

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Robbie said...

If you are ever near me teaching, you know I'll be first to sign up!! Have to get you to Florida one of these winters for sure!