Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Okay, all of us....the holiday festivities have begun which means less time in our studios.  I expect to have something to show tomorrow....even if it's not completely finished!!!

Until then....let me do a little side line cheering.  After the Packers dismal performance two weeks ago.....this Sunday's win against the Vikings is what we've all come to expect from our beloved Packers.  With eight starters out with injuries...they've been struggling....

Hopefully hunk Clay Mathews will be back next Sunday when the Pack play the Lions for the 2nd time this year.....

For those of you who aren't football'll probably want to skip the following link...BUT if any of you want to know the origin of the now famous Lambeau Leap...check out this youtube.  This celebration is just one of the reasons fans are so supportive of the Packers!!

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Robbie said...

Well, who knew about the Lambeau Leap! I've always seen it and seen where other teams copy it! Didn't know they started it. YouTube was interesting! still like the player who tried the leap and failed!

Good luck Sunday!!