Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Does this happen to you too?  You've got lots of ideas for the next project....so with great enthusiasm you dig in.  Hours later you still find yourself shuffling from one direction to the next, from one pile of fabric to the next?  

That's how I spent most of my day yesterday.  I not only had indecision about the direction of the project.....but WHICH idea I was going to follow up on!  This is surely a sign of too many ideas flying about in my head like a virtual pinball machine!

Yes, this is so little to show for the amount of time and brain power exerted.....but ya gotta start somewhere.  Now of course, I'm anxious to really get started.  However, this happens to be another very busy week in my personal life, so I'll need to dig deep and find some patience while I await more time in the studio. 

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