Monday, October 29, 2012


For anyone else who cares.....whew....the Packers won yesterday....but so did the Lions and hiss

I'm still fighting off the flu/cold so I've had lots of 'seat' time over the weekend to hand stitch.  I amused myself by watching reruns of old TV shows.....the original "Fugitive" and "The Loretta Young Show".  I always thought she was soooo glamorous as she twirled her way into the introductions of each episode.

So...that brings us to today...we are experiencing the affects of Hurricane Sandy....I know....we are hours away from the coast but still....  Cold weather from the North is combining with the the moisture from the storm.....

The wind is blowing about 50 mph, we have snow flurries, and cold temps. (which means black ice here in the mountains)  The trees in my photos don't appear as bent as they are with the wind...but trust me, it's a 'blowin' good up in these there hills!'

Hoping the impact to others along the coast is not as great as'm hunkering down and fighting the crud for one more day!

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