Sunday, October 21, 2012


Fall is concentrated car racing season around my time is not always my own since 'the husband' is passionate about the American LeMans series.  We spent the last couple of days at Road Atlanta where I spent time celebrity watching.  Dr. McDreamy (Patrick Dempsy) was one of the drivers....who unfortunately crashed his car about 2 hours before the end of the 10 hour race.  Happily, he wasn't hurt.  

Mr. Ashey Judd (Dario Franchitti, who won this year's Indianapolis 500 race) also drove a car.....

The recent get-aways explain my lack of progress on my leaf quilt.....

With little spurts of time, I managed some simple machine quilting.  From the start I expected to use a facing method to finish the edges, however now that I'm at that point, I'm dubious.

Why??  Because two of the appliqued leaves extend to the edge....meaning with a turned facing, there would be 7 layers in those sections.  That's looking for trouble.  So, instead I'll be using a very narrow traditional binding.  Hope to get at that tomorrow.....'s a Sooty report for those of you who asked.....if you find conversations about other peoples pets boring....stop reading now.  (I would if I was reading someone's blog!)

First......she seems to have escaped any and all problems that could have developed from her snack of my felted faux rocks.  Impossible as that may seem!

But, her bad behavior resume continues......when we picked her up from the doggie boarding facility, they reported her behavior was good & bad.  Bad??  Not our Sooty!!  Oh ya......she is now an escape artist besides being a chow hound!  In her defensive, any dog that can get out of a kennel space that is tiled on 3 sides and fitted with a chain link fence door is actually brilliant....and perhaps they need to rethink the way it's set up.  And....though she wasn't harmed she certainly could have hurt herself......  We are very limited here with dog sitting options.....the search will go on.... and I'm sure Sooty's adventures will continue!

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Robbie said...

I love your leaf quilt!!! Colors are beautiful on it!!! I think the facing would still work...I just use a lot of steam and only 1/8" to scant, scant 1/4" seam (and topstitch). Binding will work as well and in fact, might tie in to the quilt...Congrats to Packs! Lion's play tonight!!! So glad Scooty didn't have any 'bad time' with the felted stones! Whew!