Thursday, October 25, 2012


 Robbie asked the other day, if the numbers 57 had a specific meaning.....oh I wish I could share a really interesting story behind this design...but alas....these are the numbers that fit and were available when I was resist dyeing some wool I had felted.  I wasn't satisfied with my first attempt of surface.....esp. with the blueish beads.....which in person just don't work.



 So, I took them off....what else is new....that seems to be my pattern when working with these tiny pieces.....I add and subtract until I'm satisfied!  There's a minimum contrast to the dye which adds to the embellishment difficulty.  It's better now and I'll probably play around a little bit more before adding a backing and perhaps incorporating threads or beads along the edging.  Will keep you posted.

I just hope someone else is drawn to these numbers so it will have a happy new home when I'm finished! 

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Robbie said...

Maybe you'll have 57 tries on different beads! OK, that won't happen...I think the stitching adds a lot beside the beads (at least that's what it looks like in the pic). This is a really nice piece!!! Maybe someone with a 57 BD coming up will snatch it up! I'm way past that!