Sunday, June 3, 2012


Each year, at the end of May, we all look forward to the Shady Ladies Quilt Show held at Lake Logan in Canton, NC.  

  The Shady Ladies are a group of local, national and international women who gather every Tuesday at the Shady Grove Methodist Church to quilt.

It's such fun to examine their self-portrait quilt that is displayed.  Each block is basically an individual bound quilt....the units are held together with safety pins!  What a clever way to be able to update the member's pieces!

 The highlight of the show is their annual challenge.  This year the theme was based on our quilting heritage.  The makers were required to include one of three historical quilt patterns..... (a.) Ohio Star  (b.) Log Cabin  (c.) Wedding Ring.  A few of those challenge quilts are posted here (as well as other pieces from the show).....most are available for purchase.  I'd be pleased to put you in touch with any of these quilt makers if you are interested....just email me using the link in the upper right side bar.

This piece made by Sally Pollock is entitled "Ohio Star" 27" x 26".  I love the simplicity of the design and how effectively she incorporated her block requirement into the patchwork sky.
 I personally always look forward to seeing Chris Regina's contribution for each challenge.  As always, it's striking!  "Cabin With a Twist" 32"x36" was made using hand dyed fabrics, machine quilted, and highlighted with Big Stitch hand quilting.

 "Serendipity" 27" x 29" was created by Jane Cole, a founder of the Shady Ladies.  It's machine pieced, quilted, fused, painted & hand stitched.  Jane's designs are always masterful, as are her construction skills. 
 "Triplets" 25" x 17" is another Jane Cole original.  Made using cottons, synthetics, machine quilted, hand stitching, & applique.

 I didn't see anyone who didn't stop and make positive comments about this charming piece.  "If Andy Had Known Our Baxter" 17" x 24" (NFS) by Barbara Wilkins.
According to the signage, the image was photo transferred and thread painted.
 There was so much to study on this piece.  The use of large scale fabric was very effective as is her color placement.  See below for more details.
The signage is included in this post to source the design.  The photo also provides a view of the free hand thread sketching that framed the pieced area so beautifully.

The show concludes if you are in the area......consider taking a quick run up to Lake Logan to see it....if not...mark your calendar and watch for it next year!

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