Saturday, June 16, 2012


Work on my brother's Bookworm Gardens Memorial quilt continues.  Even though I'll post one long process blog when the whole piece is's a peak.

Perhaps you'll feel kinship with the ever present 'decision' dilemma.  What's right?  What's wrong?  Am I forcing the design just so I can move the construction process along?  We've all been there.

Today I had planned to sandwich the quilt, but even as I said goodnight to it on my design wall last night....I had an inkling that the balance was off.

Here's what I saw.......Yes, it looks unfinished.....but I thought that when I bead the rays of the sun, it'd all pull together. This morning I knew better!

 So with rotary cutter in hand.....skinny rays of the sun were cut and arranged.  At first I thought....yeah....this is the right answer.  But as I gazed at it, clearly the sun was over-powering the entire quilt.

Okay....I can fix that.....what if I cut the long strips into shorter lengths....leaving spaces between them?  To see what that would look like...I cut pieces of white fabric and positioned them along some of the strips.  Again, I tried to talk myself into calling it....THE END.....but still wasn't right!

Here's what I settled on.  Since these pieces will be fused, obviously it would have been MUCH easier had these rays been added prior to stabilizing the top with the batting.  Now I'll remove the basting stitches behind this area...fuse the additional motifs and THEN hopefully find the entire composition pleasing enough to add the backing.  

Sure I wish I could move onto the quilting....but getting it right is the first goal....  Always remind yourself....quilt making doesn't have to be a sprint.....there's nothing wrong with treating as a marathon!

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