Friday, February 3, 2012


One of the great things about a blog is the ability to track one's own progress and processes.  Creating original work is all about process since each piece is new and different.

So one discouraging thing about a blog is how foolish one can feel when indecision and misjudgements cause so much extra work.

 After beading both bugle beads and dark green iris seeds to represent spikes on  the large cactus plant....I took them off.  I was happily beading a nice groove.....with lighter colored beads and thought I was all set.

The next morning I looked at the piece and realized the beads are wayyyy toooo close to each other.  Before taking them off, I stitched another test section with these units spaced farther apart.  The look was so much better.

Off came the completed beadwork on the center stalk and I started over AGAIN.  Okay, so what if it took me 4 tries??  

The background will be my next focus...not sure exactly what I'll do...but adding more texture is the goal.

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Lily said...

I like it better with the beads spaced farther apart! ~ Lily