Saturday, February 4, 2012


I got off track and neglected to finish reporting about our February Fiber Junkies meeting.  The focus of this small group is to learn from and with each other.  We purposely keep the membership small (max. 6) which allows us to meet in each others homes.

At the beginning of each year we make a list of our goals and then try to cover as many subjects as possible as the year flies by!  The mixed media approach to quilt making has introduced so many new products to our world.  We felt it's time to find out more about some of them.

Though we all collect various tools, most often they are left sitting on the shelf until you look at them one day and ask "What's this for?"  Each of us gathered whatever fabric markers, pencils, & pens we owned and as a group, we systematically documented how each product behaved.

Judy Simmons has bravely used many of these products for years....we were lucky to have her expertise to help guide us.  She blogged about it so well here that I'm sending you over to her post to see more.

 However, if you are still with me here....I wanted to share this photo....  Val was soooo smart....instead of using a piece of muslin to document the products, she made a fabric book which gave her lots of room to play and take notes.

 This is my muslin swatch.

We also use this black and white print as a foundation us a better idea of how the product might translate when filling in small spaces.

So....go see what Judy has to say.....  We had a great time, learned a lot and have decided our next meeting will focus on fabric paints.

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