Wednesday, March 9, 2011


To conclude our Fiber Junkie's play day......Nancy showed us a nifty technique.....

What might look like carved or tooled leather is actually an embossed piece of craft paper.

It's made using a textured plastic form, sandwiched with the paper and a piece of foam.

And run through a pasta machine.

Here are a few more samples that Nancy made......two of which were painted/dyed.

I got a chance to try it using a piece of painted paper that Carol Sloan teaches.

The design is further highlighted with ink.

Next, Patsy Thompson showed us why she's flipped over the Sizzix machine. (Products available at Patsy's website.)

Paper is placed between a template.

......and run through the plates of the machine where it's embossed with the design. Coloring it with additional ink brings out the motifs even more........

As usual, a good and creative day was had by all.

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Wendy said...

Aw! I wanna live close enough to come to Fiber Junkies!

I really need to find some place for good classes...
Wish me luck!