Tuesday, March 8, 2011


One of the highlights of each Fiber Junkie's meeting is show and tell.....

Judy Simmons shares a new and very fabulous ink jet & screen printed piece. Read more about her techniques here.

Patsy Thompson brought some black fabric that she discharged..... This is truly a case of you should have seen it in person.......it was wonderful.....sorry my photo isn't.

Here's another example.....the flecks are the results of using potato starch in the process.

Patsy has been playing and creating with her Sizzix machine....which she used to cut these feathers that will be expertly machine appliqued by Patsy. Visit Patsy's website to view her techniques and obtain products to create your own feather quilt.

Two other members, Val and Nancy, recently took a resist dye wool felt class lead by Chad Alice Hagan. The rest of us were literally grabbing these samples out of their hands......fabulous.....

....and more.....

I love, love, love this......I must learn this technique!!

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