Sunday, March 20, 2011


Motivation has hit.........three projects are in process and I'm a happy camper.

The main focus: It's been a little over a week since our PTA fiber group decided the theme of our 2011 Challenge......and my mind hasn't stopped since. Our rules are simple:

Size: 24" x 30"
Design: inspired by a famous (or not so famous) painter. The piece is not to be a reproduction, of their work, rather a design in our own style that is inspired by the artist.

After much pondering/research/deciding and then changing my mind.....I've settled on one. It's been sort of my practice to post step-by-step photos of my projects after the piece is complete or nearly so.....

But this time I'm changing that up a's a sneak peak of my 'challenge' piece.

Yup......I'm approaching my construction the old-fashioned way.......traditional hand applique. I'm old school, once the motifs have been positioned and documented with small silk pins, I prefer to hand baste them to the foundation. I find I can achieve smoother edges and a better stitch using this procedure.

I'll post my progress from time to time.......let's see if and when any of you will be able to guess my artist.

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