Friday, March 11, 2011


After reading my blog for awhile, you might wonder how I have time to do anything besides playing with my girlfriends......but, it's these pals that inspire me and keep me motivated.

Our group had plans for a gallery hopping day yesterday, but our rainy, cold weather changed all that. So, PTA member Barbara graciously suggested we all gather at her house instead......and we did.....12 of us..... (We missed you Leigh Anne!)

Ya, if the truth be told.....we are an enthusiastic, energetic, and LOUD group. So.....when a discussion that involves all of us is's difficult to say the least. Here's our new approach (somewhat successful but you know.....asking 12 women to keep our mouth's shut is asking for a miracle).

Barbara is demonstrating 'spoon speak'....the idea can't speak unless YOU have the spoon.......giggles are sure to follow.

Our show and tell is always a treat..... Here Georgia Bonesteel shares a wonderful traditional log cabin know, those oldies are just as fantastic now as they've always been.

Dort always has us gushing over her designs.....even when they are in progress.

Connie Brown had gone to a tag sale and found some goodies. She's a certified AQS Quilt Appraiser and is always interested in research to challenge her knowledge. She's going to bring this to an upcoming appraiser meeting for others to see. It's either a vintage folk art piece OR it's a piece made to sell to tourist imitating an antique.

She also found some amazing batik pieces....table cloths and napkins that will be fun to work with.
Kate Weston has a real knack for finding 'feature' fabrics that she highlights when its incorporated into string her pieced panels. She makes many of these small quilts as charity quilts and uses the opportunity to keep her machine quilting skills sharp.

Here's one of the 4 finished baby quilts our group made last month which will be turned over to the Asheville Quilt Guild next week to be shared in the community.

We all loved this book......I'm not sure to thank for bringing it....... This is just one of the many reasons it's so important to find a group of compatible gal pals to play with.......each time I come away learning about a variety of subjects my path may never have crossed without their wide range of interests.

Ya'll have a nice matter where you are.......and a BIG Congrats. to Linda Cantree, Barbara Swinea, Kate Weston, and Dort Lee, who all have received acceptance letters for Paducah!!! You will do our group proud!!

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