Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Several months ago, the Fiber Junkies spent a day at member Val's home, learning to screen print.

Yikes......this was out of my comfort zone....though I loved every minute of it!! Reflectly now, this was so positive. The outcome has influenced some new directions to pursue. It's introduced me to unfamiliar design & construction concepts (okay scary too).....but isn't that how we learn?

Using Val's silk screen, I printed this abstract design onto a coarsely woven silk/cotton remnant.

Next I began auditioning various embellishments.

The design reminded me of a stepping stone path so I considered adding nature items such as small wood sticks, wrapped with bead strings. Oh my......it seems I STILL need to label motifs/design concepts into a theme or subject!!

Though, somewhat undecided, I 'hooped' up the fabric (now basted to batting to provide extra stability) and began beading. I'm using sterling silver seeds and bugles. I resisted cleaning them to their shiny state in favor of keeping the nice aged patina.

Some interesting foreign coins in my stash of embellishment materials were also incorporated. Fiber Junkie Nancy Bruce is incredibly generous with the Perle cottons, floss, and other embroidery materials she dyes.......luckily.......I'm beginning to have a nice stash which I used here.

11" x 14" Framed
$175 (includes insurance and shipping)
Email me at link upper right side bar.

I puzzled for days about how to finish/display this piece. Framing highlighted the design best, I hope you'll agree.


Anonymous said...

To me, it has an Australian, Aboriginal feel to it....sweet!

Nanette said...

I Love this!!! It is so fascinating watching how your designs are changing. I can see the NC mountains and your gal pals have really been influencing you.


Helen said...

To me, it says Japan. Reminds me of Sashiko and those stepping stones and scattered objects represent the current times.

Windy Hills Happenings said...

Mary...this is a fantastic piece!..what a great, creative idea!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Nice! and yes, the matting and frame are the perfect finish to show it to best advantage. Like this a lot.