Friday, November 12, 2010


My visit to the Piedmont Quilters Guild in Greensboro was such a pleasure........A small gang of volunteers kept me fed and transported to my various presentations. The students and lecture audiences were very receptive......they were all eage to learn any and all the techniques we had time to squeeze into our time together.

I was a little late getting my camera out at show and tell......but managed to get permission from Nancy to share her two quilts with you. This one is in progress.......though it may not be apparent in the's heavily and creatively embellished.

Using a phrase or quote as a theme for a quilt is something I do often, so I was also drawn to this finished piece.... Tx's for sharing your quilts Nancy!'s Alice.....who is now the new owner/care taker of "Touch of Brass" one of my recently made embellished quilts. This one was made with bamboo/rayon felt. It measure 9" x 12". She confessed to me that she too is trying to get out of her comfort zone and begin experimenting with more abstract designs. Which is exactly the purpose of this piece....I too was trying to reach.....a process I enjoyed.

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