Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'll spare you the 100 photos I took of the Elk in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park....but here are a two. We also visited some waterfall.....Western North Carolina is known for its many waterfalls......

The stately old buck....

.....and the young

This is Dry Falls.....appropriately named as you can walk behind the falls!! Amazing....

The water flow is so massive that it thunders....

Unbelievablely cool to be able to walk behind the water fall.

Look closely and you can see a figure walking on the path.

I took this photo standing on the pathway directly behind the falls.

Loved the glow of the sunlight hitting the top of the water.

To top off the visit with our family.....we were thrilled to be able to introduce them to our very favorite Bluegrass group..... Dailey & Vincent who played at the Dorothy Wortham Theater in downtown Asheville on Sat. night.

If any of you have seen them recently.....you'll know what this means.... GO PARKER........I was able to give him a hug and the required $1.00 bill! This band is truly the most professional, entertaining, and appreciative of their audience that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy. We have tickets to see them at Christmas at the Grand Ole Opry......and happily, we'll see them 4 more times during Blue Grass First Class (a long weekend bluegrass festival held in Asheville every February.)

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