Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We were invited by friends to attend the Bow-Meow Banquet to benefit Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation Last year our county euthanized over 2,400 animal in the county facility.....yet a large number were highly adoptable. This organization started about 10 years ago when it was then saving about 3 in 10 animals. Due to the dedicated, hard work of its volunteers, the group now saves about 8 in 10 adoptable dogs. Sadly, our county either doesn't have strong neuter/spade laws or doesn't enforce them. We see animals (mostly dogs) wandering around constantly..... Many owners here have a very different attitude toward their pets then I'm accustomed to. Actually, they don't think of them as pets......instead hunting dogs are for those rare occasions when they hunt and at other times....they may be left to fend for themselves.

So....this was a nice event to help raise money to keep this animal rescue funded. Each table had pictures of cats or dogs that are currently available for adoption. (None, thank goodness were at the function, otherwise I might have weakened and brought one home. Well...that's not true, I'm not much of an animal lover, but 'the husband' is.)

We were entertained by a Barber Shop Quartet....whose version of God Bless America sent chills through the audience.

The event was held at the Balsam Mountain Inn.....West of Waynesville, NC. Here's a peak at some of the rooms in this historic old inn.

Loved the original water faucet still in use in a hallway....

A view of one dining area located on a sun porch....

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