Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Finally......I solved the edge finishing dilemma for this quilt!

The hand-dyed wool felt wallhanging was started at the end of Sept. and moved along fairly quickly, then I got stalled. I've posted step-by-step photos here. I'm loving this piece....though I know my photo doesn't do the color justice. I must find a way to overcome the lighting issues when photographing indoors!

The applique was done by machine stitching, while the seed stitching on the background and blanket stitching along the edge was by hand.

My inventory of woolfelt wall hangings is quite low at the moment thanks to so many recent sales at my various bookings. (I have another trip next week!) This piece will go quickly I'm if you are interested in purchasing, click on the email link on the right side bar to contact me. I accept checks, money orders or I can bill you with Pay Pal.


So....this was what got me stuck..... I had planned to add an organic looking beading technique along the edge of the quilt to frame and finish the piece. I must have tried a dozen variations of designs and none was suitable.

Notice how thick it is.....which is why none of the edging option I tried masked where the front and back pieces joined along the edge. Finally I came up with the idea of blanket stitching with wool thread and trapping an additional a strand of wool thread as I stitched to fill in the space. This approach provided a clean finish to the edge without detracting from the overall design.

Though I was frustrated by my failed attempts........the happy dance I did when the solution was found was what keeps me designing original work!


Joyce said...

Mary, I love the edge finish. What a great idea.

Robbie said...

A very nice piece!