Wednesday, May 15, 2024


 Still working diligently on my commission project. Thought I'd share a trick I've used for ages (and mentioned here in the past but perhaps there are new readers who would find it helpful).

After successfully auditioning motifs on my design wall, I pin them onto the quilt top. Next, I use a small hand held iron and fuse them in place, directly on the design wall. It's such a time saver. If you have a small iron it may not be hot enough to totally secure them. Instead, simply 'tack' in place with the heat and then transfer to your pressing station to firmly secure.

I've been securing LOTS of trees lately! But still a long way to go.....


Nancy said...

Wow- it's a forest. And those trees are intricate to stitch around. So good to see you at work once again. It's been a long haul for sure.

Robbie said...

Always good tips from the master! Thanks!