Tuesday, June 6, 2023


 High drama home and health issues haven't left much time for sewing....but I am focusing what little time I have to increase my inventory of covered books for my gallery. I'm going to MIA about for about 6 weeks starting mid. July....Rotary cuff surgery (unless I chicken out!!). Trying to prepare for the time I can't even brush my teeth, wipe my butt, cook, clean, sew, use my hand in any way......oh my......can I do this?!? 

Techniques used.....ice dying on silk noil, mono-printing on canvas, appliqu├ęd silk dupioni, quilted Japanese fabrics.


The Idaho Beauty said...

She WILL do it and she'll figure out how to manage. I wasn't supposed to twist for awhile after my back surgery but you can't wipe your butt without a bit of a twist so I figured it out. Same with bending forward to spit after brushing my teeth - so many things you just don't think about until you are incapacitated but you find work arounds. YOU WILL!!!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Yes, you can, with the help of your friends. Don't chicken out, you need relief from the pain. Yes, it is a few weeks in recovery, but you'll come out the other side in better shape.

Nancy said...

These look great and are a good use of the time you have ahead of surgery to stock your area. I've been thinking of you and your husband as you get ready for the weeks ahead. One of those things that just has to be gotten through I guess, but best wishes for a smooth surgery and recovery! A summer of fun.