Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Like so many quilters, my stash won't run out before my time ends.  This is despite the fact that I haven't purchased commerical fabric in years.....literally probably about 10 years!
So, as I ponder what my next project will be, I decided to concentrate solely on utilizing these gorgeous Primrose Gradations fabrics. Before I began dyeing my own fabrics, this company was my favorite source.  Unfortunately, back in the early 1990's, most did not have stable dyes.  Each and every piece that would be used in any work that would be washed, mainly anything other than an art quilt needed to be treated, rinsed, rinsed, and rinsed some more.  Dried and pressing took tons of time for the gradation 8 pack rolls of 6" squares.

After shuffling this pile around for an entire day, I decided the preparation to make the large lap quilt project I had in mind was too daunting (at least for my current mood). 
Ha.....this is what I came up with instead....the beginning of a small flower art quilt....which of course didn't put the slightest dent in the pile of fabrics. 

Surely the galleries won't say closed forever and even though I already have a stack of unsold work, here I am...making more!   Consider visiting my online gallery and bring one to your home (link at top).


Nancy said...

scrolling through your gallery & shop is most impressive, Mary! I'm not sure why I did not see that link before, but glad you mentioned it.

Robbie said...

Look forward to your next project...just remember "idle hands are the devil's workshop" or something close to that...the devil will always be far away from you!!!! You're too busy...he can't keep up!

Kathy said...

Hot water soak in Dawn, sometimes three times, rinse and iron. I never mind because I use the ironing time for planning time. But I bet your little flower project will be more fun! And surely there must be such security knowing that we will never, ever run out of fabric! As those finished projects pile up, remind yourself that we make because we MUST, even as the pile gets higher and higher!

The Inside Stori said...

Kathy and both are so right.....NOT creating is not an option. Kathy, glad you mentioned using Dawn.....I switched to that product a couple of years ago and it works as well as the other commercial products and far less expensive and available. Of course is not difficult to rid fabric of excess dye.....just a pain for the large amount of 6" pieces I I said, my mood just didn't want to go there but I will before too long. It's much easier to get it over with and have the fabric ready when I want to use it then stopping to do just a few at a time.