Wednesday, May 27, 2020


I'm beyond upset........I accidently switched my gallery blog to draft and in an effort to switch it back (you can't) then somehow I deleted the whole thing.  So for now any quilts for sale will be here on this blog.  I'm trying to decide if or how to rebuild the gallery.....sooooooo annoyed!!!!!  Don't ask if I backed it up...nope....didn't know that could even be done.....huge sigh.

UPDATE:  NO, unfortunately Blogger can't help...gone is gone.  But a big thank you goes out to blogger friend Carole  at From My Carolina Home, who steered me to the Wayback Machine website.  I was able to recapture some of my data, unfortunately it only goes back to 2016.  I have a lot of work ahead of me and will concentrate on relisting work in my current inventory that's available for purchase.  Whether I'll document the large number of pieces already sold is to be decided.

UPDATE DAY TWO:  Again with a huge nod to Carole.....and 10 hrs. on the computer....I've rebuilt my online gallery open for business again.  Online sales are even more important now given the meager number of shoppers we can expect to visit the Asheville galleries.  

ODE TO SUMMER - 14" X 18.5"
Hand dyed cottons, hand embroidered, machine appliqued & quilted.


Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

OH, no!!! Technology can be a pain sometimes.

The Inside Stori said...

I'm BEYOND upset! All because blogger has a new blog format coming to make it easier for users to access blogs on their phones & iPads.......which led me down this huge goof. The only reason this is so annoying is because it was such a good pictorial record of what has been sold. I have wisely created a sales invoice for all my sales.....though of course I may have missed a few but still...... This leads to the decision whether I'll even bother to try to rebuild...if I do it will only be what is for sale in my current inventory. I get so few sales as a results of all the work keeping it up so I may not even do it over. I may feel differently in a day or so....I'll be drinking my bubbly by 3:00 PM today!!

Kathy said...

Wow! Big time bad news! One thought is to contact Blogger and see if they can restore the last version they have...I don't use blogger so don't have any idea if that's even possible. So sorry. Lost info and data is always horrible.

Jo said...

Not fun... and sometimes you just need to sigh and take a break.. think about it again in a few days or a week.
And do something fun!