Friday, February 14, 2020


The luxury and enjoyment continues.....
To reach the activities in the infield, before and during the race, 8 brand new Porsche Cayenne shuttles were available to us.

We took advantage of their shuttle service to meet up with friends at the start finish area of the track.  Prior to the beginning of the race, tradition allows fans to get onto the track while the drivers stand by their cars and get introduced one at a time.  Racing is very fan friendly!  Many fans bring markers to write their names or messages on the track.
 We could see the front of the pits across from our hospitality viewing area.
 But we really got a treat by being escorted by a Porsche representative on a 'hot pit' tour (meaning the cars are racing).  This is the open back area of the Porsche pit.
 There were 4 of us on this tour.  Our escort fitted us with microphone/headphones so she could explain what we were seeing and we could ask questions.  Here is 'the husband' snapping photos.  We were urged to stand close to the fence to get out of the way of the many golf carts type vehicles that are constantly driving by with equipment/supplies.

Porsche ran two cars at this race, and always has one driver outfitted and ready to go at all times.  Everyone in the pit is glued to their specific lap tops, screens etc.  They had a dedicated representative from Michelin tires monitoring that aspect of the cars.  Really this was fascinating....even for me.

A variety of spare car parts are stored there are a very large amount of tires.
Safety of course is a major concern.  There was one person assigned just to stand by with a fire extinguisher whenever any fuel is being handled.

In case you are wondering....Porsche came in 2nd & 3rd in their them the points lead in the season.  This was the first time their brand new cars were run.....a great finish!   

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Robbie said...

What fun!!! And classy fun at that! So glad you had this opportunity this year! And we got to see pics!