Friday, November 15, 2019


Each member of our group takes their turn organizing one monthly meeting a year.  We have 14 members (one living out of state) so our time line runs for 13 months.  We draw numbers to determine the order of selecting months for each of the upcoming 13 months.  This month was Cathy's turn and as always she comes up with great outings for us.
 We met at 12 Bones restaurant.  A well known eatery in Asheville, featuring of course ribs!  We snagged a back room to contain our noisy group.  The walls are 'decorated' by customers with graffiti of sorts.
 After lunch we had show and tell.  Barbara was given a lovely scaled back designed panel which she enhanced with a border and cleverly added 'window panes' with narrow ribbon.
 Connie has been busy making the most adorable cloth dolls featuring mostly some of the huge stash of upholstery fabric she had been gifted, along with  various fun trims.  We all marveled over each one!
 Dort shared something most of us agreed we needed to do.  She lengthened the pockets of her pants.  So many manufacturers are now making skimpy pockets...why!?!  To save money??  This is in the days of everyone carrying cell phones.  Some of us would rather not store it in a back pocket (if one even has them).  (A) how many screen have been broken by sitting on them?  (B) Who needs an extra layer on their backside??
 Gen loves to's an attractive small purse with matching fingerless gloves she created.
 Cathy came armed with a baggie of markers for us to leave our mark on the wall of 12 Bones.....guess who wrote this??
 Judy's contribution was left with a pink marker.
 There wasn't much room in most of the accessible areas.....but Lynne's clever addition was a spool of thread leading to the words "hanging by a thread".
 Connie found a small area to continue the stitching theme.
 This restaurant is in the River Arts District which is home to dozens and dozens of artist studios housed in old warehouses.  It's hit or miss whether any will be there and working, and if working, will they invite viewers in.  However, most have large glass windows to show off their work environments.   

We were fortunate Barbara Zaretsy of BZD Designs was in her studio packing to move to a different location in the maze of warehouses. She graciously provided a lengthy explanation of the tools, process, & materials she uses. We all love her's a sample of printed/discharged/stamped/dyed linens and silk runners.  
Another studio space shared by several jewelry makers was open...they had a small showroom available where viewers could purchase their work.  I loved how these rings were displayed in a bowl of wild rice.

The few other photos I took were poor quality, either too dark or too far away from the subject to share.  But if you are ever in Asheville....The River Arts District is another place to roam.


Nancy said...

A fun outing. Those dolls!! What can I say- just love them.

Robbie said...

What a cool and interesting place to meet!!! Love the addition to the pocket! Who would have thought!!! Clever!

Norma Schlager said...

I was only in Asheville many years ago with my late husband and I loved it. It most be wonderful to be in such a creative area all the time. It looks like you had a great time at your luncheon. Creative friends are the best!

Linda M said...

Your groups of friends have some of the best get togethers. I would love to get to Asheville sometime .

The Inside Stori said...

Linda and all.......of course if any of you are able to get to the Asheville area......please let me know in advance so we can arrange a meet up!!