Tuesday, November 19, 2019


Waiting for the quilt to tell you what to do sounds like a ridiculous statement, but it's totally true.  When design/layout/color scheme decisions are fleeting, allowing ideas to simmer while continuing to audition options is usually time well spent.
After trying a dozen or so background fabric choices....I settled on this blackish/grey batik and this uneven block layout.
 Connector strips had been planned from the beginning of this project. Originally however I expected to add only 1 strip between each block.  But, as I said, time and experimenting with various options change & alter ideas and in this case it led to 3 strip units.
 Of course this top could be pieced, but I felt the excess number of seams would be distracting.  So instead, I've hand basted all the elements to the wholecloth background and plan to hand applique them.  Given that the fabrics are all batiks, it may be more challenging than my sore shoulder can handle.  I'll be reporting back soon.


Kathy said...

It's a terrific layout and piecing it would have been very difficult indeed! But applique---wow! But just as in quilting, give the quilt a lot of supposrt as you are working on it so that it doesn't drag and pull on your shoulders, neck and back. Take it easy!!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

What a great design, those three strip connector strips look fabulous.

Nancy said...

It really came together beautifully. Next challenge is the applique! But it's going to be a beauty.

Robbie said...

Love this design...the strips add so much balance to the piece!!! Very, very, VERY cool!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I should know by now not to doubt you, but looking at that first picture with "final" overlaid, I thought, uh, no, that arrangement just isn't working. Then popped down to the one with the connector strips and voila! It now makes sense! I think your choice of appliqueing is wise on this one, sore shoulder or not.