Saturday, September 14, 2019


In all, 16 trays of ice-dyed material was processed, yielding a lot of beautiful fabric.  Here are some closeups for you to enjoy.  I used mainly white PDF cottons, and a few previously dyed solids and prints. All were soaked in soda ash before dyeing.

 But....just so you don't think every piece was's evidence of some that weren't.   My over-dyed solid (right) that had been dyed at least once before was still ugly.  The mercerized cotton piece on the left had some lovely patterning, but the colors were simply blah.....
Not so with this one......great combo of colors and patterns.
We had time to do some acid dyeing.  Our equipment was fairly limited so for the most part my felted wool results weren't special, however, this small piece of was!  Others dyed silk scarves which came out great.

Sometimes achieving really bright red color can be difficult, less so though when using acid dyes.  Here I used 100% felted wool which was left to boil in the acid bath for about 8 mins., turned and processed for about another 8 minutes.

Lower right is my pile of ice-dyed cottons and above, on the right, are two pieces of cheesecloth that we dyed and shared equally.

We were so very lucky to have had picture perfect weather and such a great place to get wet and messy!  


Kathy said...

Looks like a wonderful time and some great results!

Nancy said...

Building the stash, one tray at a time! Lovely

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ahhh wonderful! And I am glad you shared the less than fabulous results as well as the stunning ones. I think that may be my issue with my own ice and snow dyeing attempts, that I'd seen only the best results other people got and when I did not get the same, decided I was a failure and this method wasn't for me. One has to remember the randomness of this process, glory in the wondrous results, smile and shrug at the quiet less wondrous ones. I've noted over time that even some results that I hated initially either redyed wonderfully or to my surprise found use just as they were.

Ann Scott said...

Looks like a fantastically fun time and cool fabrics in the end too. I think that "Over-dyed solid failure" could look great with some black stamping on it! I'm guessing you'll revive it someway, somehow, some day.