Monday, September 2, 2019


Studio time isn't happening this weekend.....instead we are doing more physical labor than either of us care to.  Besides the deck project that's been ongoing since the beginning of July, we've had a few other upgrades waiting in the wings.  (But today we did some wood staining, bush/tree trimming, power washing, window washing.....dust from all this construction seems to be everywhere!)
  This is a view of the ugly course gravel the home contractor placed beneath our front covered porch.  We have so much decking we never utilize this space, however the appearance of the unused space as always bugged me.
Since staying in this house until our assisted-care rocking chairs become necessary, we decided to make it more appealing.  Freshly painted outside entrance doors, inviting shrubbery pots, and a flagstone path.
My desire was to fill the whole space with flagstones......but after getting the quote I had to adjust my wishes.  This path took our landscapers an entire week to create...and they worked non-stop.  The old ugly gravel became the base and now we have very colorful pea gravel surrounding the flagstones.  Soil had to be added to raise the ground level to the new wood barriers.  We will be watering that area now in hopes that the grass seed sprouts before the snow flies.


Robbie said...

WOW...the outside area looks so inviting now! You'll enjoy it so much more and use it so much more!!!! Wonderful!!!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Love the flagstones! Sorry you're still plagued with so much grunt work. ;-)

Nancy said...

The flagstone looks very nice indeed! And I relate to the amount of work it takes. My husband says, "I'm not handy, I don't want to become handy." So we kind of muddle through those tasks. The sewing room calls soon!