Thursday, September 12, 2019


The final phase of our home refresh was to update the stairway and my studio loft railings.  We got tired of the bulky pine log look, wanting a fresher look instead.
 The railings served as such a handy surface for displaying some of my antique quilts and quilt tops.
However, as you can see, I have plenty more displayed...on ladders and hanging from the stairway wall (photo below.)

Here's the new look.....and I'm smitten.  Feels so much more open, larger and lighter!
I may drape one or two quilts from the studio railing just to disguise the ironing board and some of my storage bins that live beneath my cutting table.  I'm giving that decision some time.  So, unless we win the lottery (of which we don't  play), our home reno projects are now complete!  

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Nancy said...

Very nice- that is an updated look for a log home. And quilts as "screening" may be just the ticket. Plus it's always nice to have quilts on display. I seem to lack wall space, so really love the ladder you have.