Monday, September 23, 2019


It's another football Sunday so I was glued to the Internet listening to the Packer/Bronco game which left me leaping for joy -  PACKERS 27 - BRONCOS 16
Can't say I'm a fan of the throwback uniforms but I sure am of #12 and the team he leads.  Finally, a Packer game will be broadcast here in the they face the Eagles on Thursday night.  But why oh why are these games sooooo late in the evening!?!?  
 Just sitting idle isn't my style so I decided to make shams for two pillows that came with a piece of furniture we purchased awhile ago and never used. 
We've been using our lower level space for evening TV watching all summer. Recently I blogged about the protective couch quilt I made for Sooty (our sweet rescue lab).  And because 'the husband' insists on running the ceiling fan at the highest speed, I made a lap quilt for myself.  Now there are companion pillows for further comfort.


Robbie said...

How nice!!!! And congrats on Packs win! How about those Lions!!! one tie and two wins...woot woot!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Your shams are a big improvement over the design of the included pillows. And now everything goes together so well, a cozy evening hideaway for all.