Wednesday, January 30, 2019


It's been a busy time lately, thus the blog has been neglected.  We just got back from our annual trek to Daytona Beach, FL where we attend the Rolex 24 Hour Race.
 I normally spend more time reading my Kindle than watching the race....seriously these cars go so fast that when viewed from our normal spot right up against the fence in the Porsche actually can make a gal dizzy. It was so cold that even with 4 layers, hat and gloves I was miserable. I learned that the pages won't turn on a Kindle when wearing gloves! 

BUT...look....there are other things to amuse me.  A quilter will always recognize this name....however, it's not related to Pfaff sewing machine.  This is a Porsche  racing team from Canada.
 We've seen this event grow and grow over the years.  In my view, it's now like a trade show that happens to have cars racing too.  And what did I spot??  A screen printing set up that made me green with envy.  Four screens were placed around a central pole....almost like an upside down umbrella.  The operator would twirl and lower the one he wants onto his printing surface that is fitted with a t-shirt. He'd give a squirt of the colored plastic liquid, & squeegee it through the screen.  Lightening fast he'd remove the printed shirt and fold it with the design on top, then place it on a small conveyor belt to run it through a dryer!!!  
 The dude operating the silk screen magic was so fast I never did get a photo of the finished product.....but here's a shirt ready to get printed.
Printing another design....he had 4 different screens to choose from.
 When we arrived about noon on Friday there was barely space for a toothpick to fit in.  I've never seen it so crowded....this is the budget crowd, often arriving on Wed.  Many others are in major $$ motor homes.  I don't know how these tent camper's spots are selected (by them or assigned??) but these are right and I mean right next to the bathrooms.  There's no comment you can provide that wouldn't cover my thoughts about this!!
 We always get back to the track on Sat. (from our sensible hotel lodging) by 6:30 AM....very few of the garages are even open yet, for the 2:30 PM start of the race.  (Ya.....I know.....ridiculously early)  We cheer for the 911 and 912 cars.....of which the 912 came in 3rd in its class when the race was finally called, short of the 24 hours due to horrendous weather conditions.  
 By Saturday afternoon, the cold, windy weather worsened.....those clouds are just an indicator of what was to come.  
This view is daytime on Sunday.....looks like night doesn't it?  The rain was so intense the race was red flagged (stopped) twice...and run under a yellow (caution) for way too long.  Cars raced under the green (go) for less than 14 hours out of the 24 hours.  Exciting viewing for any spectators that managed to stay, but horribly dangerous for the drivers at speeds close to 200 mph without being able to see anything but water spouts and hydroplaning on the rivers that ran across the track.

Well...for us...another year in the book of attending this event.  I suggested we might have reached the end of this journey, but that wasn't well received by 'the husband'.


Kathy said...

With no posts, we knew you were off somewhere on an adventure. Doesn't sound like major fun at any point! And as long as you have to keep going, here's hoping the next time will be sunny and beautiful!

Nancy said...

You can't go wrong with a red plaid Pfaff! Oh my, this past weekend was absolutely raw, rainy and cold here in FL. You braved the elements, but oh my goodness!

Robbie said...

We were watching the race on our nice comfy arm chairs, with a nice glass of vino and snacks! HA Glad you had a safe trip at least and it is nice to get away. Interesting on the screen printing process!!! You could always sign up for a job working an hour or two next year helping out!!! HA

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Daytona is a trip, isn't it!! We've spent a couple of weekends there with friends that live nearby in Ormand Beach.

The Inside Stori said...

It'd be a whole lot better if the weather cooperated......I'd say we have a 50-50 average of doable and endurable weather in Jan. This is the first race of the IMSA season....and it's ALWAYS in Jan. - guess I should be used to it by now.

Linda M said...

Ah, so that's where you've been. I thought maybe it would be a quilt retreat, which sounds like much more fun to me.

Marybeth said...

I would try to find a "play pal" for the hubby. You could then stay where it is warm and dry..... maybe cuddled under a quilt, just sayin'! The weekend sounds like a time of fun and misery, but a good time was had by all?