Friday, January 11, 2019


After way too much decision making time, trying to formulate a straight line quilting motif.....I forged ahead.
Rather than vertical or horizontal lines, or even uniform diagonal grid quilting lines, I chose an uneven diagonal orientation. This approach took extra time because I used blue painters tape as my guide for each line.  Assuring they would remain straight as I stitched.  

After being a bit dubious at first, I warmed to the design as it helped to lead the eye around the quilt much better than I expected, yet keeping the general uncluttered theme of this Japanese/Asian style piece.

 ASIAN HARMONY -  39" x 39"
Cotton fabrics & machine stitching.

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Linda M said...

What a great solution, I love the look of the random diagonal lines.

Madalene Axford Murphy said...

I like your quilting decision. It adds just the right amount of complexity to the regularity of the vertical rectangles.

Vasudha said...

Perfect pattern for those gorgeous fabrics and your quilting adds a subtle touch.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, I know that issue of using directional prints with a pattern like this. Made a baby quilt last year about this time that was somewhat similar, only more strips per block. The major trick to success on this "simple" design was keeping all those strips in the right order. Can't fault you for putting it all up on a design wall before constructing.

As for the quilting design you came up with - I'd say pretty darn brilliant. I really like it!