Wednesday, May 16, 2018


After such a dry spell of no in one day but I wanted this available as quickly as on....

Enough of you have asked to see more of the authentic 1930's tops I have for sale......some have just been listed on various Facebook buy/sell lists.  Here's the text for a VERY special one & photos below. You still have a chance to own me with your PayPal address to claim the top.
This is a REAL find!!! An authentic 30's, really well constructed hand pieced Trip Around The World patchwork quilt top. Measures 92" x 81". 2" finished patches.....with matching corners, entire top lays flat. NO spots. It's hemmed with one small section that has come loose. (Double turned...see photos). Really bright colors.....hard to believe its age!  Shown on a king size bed.
PayPal payment $185 plus USPS flat rate priority @ $7.25, the next day if possible. Smoke free home. PM or comment with email address to claim the item. US sales only.
** I'd like to comment regarding the price since I've gotten a PM or two about this one and one that sold earlier today. I'm certainly not an expert with this period, however I'm being guided by an appraiser friend who feels that the quality of construction, size, and the unusual dynamic color scheme elevates this piece beyond the typical pastel color choices (and prices) of the period. She feels once finished with the same skill level, this top will reach a MUCH higher value. So, I'm taking her advice, if there are experts that wish to add their two cents, I'm very happy to learn more. The friend for whom I'm helping sell her lifetime of quilt treasures believes she paid closer to $300 for this piece on a note to herself....unfortunately time has allowed the receipt to disappear. This is not an auction site so with respect to our administrator, please PM your thoughts to me, rather than posting a lot of conflicting opinions. A quick sale will hopefully prove my expert correct as she was right on target on the piece that sold for $175 this morning. Tx's for reading and understanding.

92" x 81" - 2" finished patches

The second quilt I had shown here is now sold and need to see what's already gone!!

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