Sunday, May 13, 2018


SORRY, it's sold.  Consider this a tease...there's more to come......Here's another treasure, I'm guessing one of you talented quilters might like to tackle.....this is a polished cotton quilt top....terrible photo!! I think the sheen of the fabric is preventing me from getting a infocus shot....but you get the idea.  Click photo to enlarge.
58" x 58"  - hand embroidered from the 1903's.  Probably a kit.
 Sample block of lovely embroidery....
 A few blocks still show faint dotted pattern marks.

More sample blocks
It's clean, odor free, from a smoke free home, there are a couple of small stains.  Frankly, if I had the time......I'd take it apart and incorporate the embroidered blocks in a new piece.

It's very high quality embroidery.....this is the BACK side of one of the blocks!!

 If interested, email me (link on right side bar).  Price $30 plus $7.25 shipping via USPS priority flat rate.  Will ship the the next day if possible. Billing via PayPal so provide your email/Paypal # to claim this lovely piece.

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