Saturday, May 12, 2018


Here's a peek at how my studio & guest room (basically our entire upstairs) has become a quilt shop!!  The POD is emptied....unpacking has been ongoing and I can say with a sigh of relief, there are only 3 more bags of fabric - about 30+ each to sort.

 Sorting station...this is why I'm not producing any of my work....there's not a single flat surface not covered with these treasures. 
  Still to be gone through.....a pile of 1930's quilt tops....after this photo was taken I found more!! PLUS an amazing pieced Liberty of London large quilt's stunning.
This is my 'shipping' station.....items already sorted, measured, photographed, researched for value, priced, text written and posted on fabric buy/sell lists.  As I write this I'm down to 5 left to be sold.....then I'll start the whole process over with the quilt tops.
 Bins, bins, bins....this is only one stack.  I think the total # of bins were 13 or so.  
 Sorted fabric is arranged by style, color, content.....a great portion are batiks.
 More...with more bags waiting their turn to get unpacked!
 Yup....more bags.....and quilts stacked on the bed.
You get the idea right??  It's truly a labor of love.....everything is pristine and it's difficult not to want to keep it all for myself!!  I'm hoping by the end of the weekend I'll have the fabric bags unpacked.  The 100+ quilts are still folded/bagged and stacked.  I feel a bit of pressure to get those out so they can lay flat....and I will in due time.

Contact me if you live nearby and want to do some shopping!!!  I'll snap some photos when ithe fabric is all on's quite an amazing thing to see!

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Kathy said...

What a monumental task! I am astonished at the sheer quantity of 'stuff' you are dealing with. So glad you are able to help your friend, even though it means putting your projects on hold. You are a true friend to her!