Friday, March 23, 2018


The Professional Textile Artists (PTA), a group of 14 quilters, just celebrated our 10th annual 3 day retreat.  It's a time we all eagerly look forward to each year. With all the chatting, ogling everyone's projects, eating, and beverage's a wonder we get anything done!

I learned early on to come with my project planned out AND cut out....with copious notes.
 Given that I still have a huge stash of Japanese style fabrics I dug some out and selected 25 prints and cut 8" squares.  They were arranged and rows labeled on my home design wall.
 All the setting patches were cut at home as well.  This made for fairly carefree sewing at retreat....I'm NOT a fast sewer so this view on a member's portable design walls was after day 2!!

Despite ALL my planning.....somehow I was short on the red strips, so I came home with it pieced with the exception of the top and bottom outside rows.  I had brought extra fabric.....but given how poor my math wasn't enough.
So, now at home it's all pieced and ready to be sandwiched.  It's 60" sq....and due to the size, not one I'm looking forward to quilting.  I've now made quite a few similar quilts....each time trying out a new setting designs.  It's become apparent that simple straight line quilting (vertical/horizontal/or diagonal) provides enough texture and interest without detracting from the beautiful feature blocks.

Do check back to see how that works out for this quilt!

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Kathy said...

You are rockin' it with these Japanese prints! From fabric that you would never have chosen yourself, you have worked out a great formula for using them. You are letting those beautiful florals do what they were designed for--show off! This is another successful design, despite your "poor math skills"---hahaha!!!

The Inside Stori said...

Thank you all for the thumbs up.......I am certainly getting into the curve and making cheesecloth from these fabrics as I seek to trim and isolate designs from the otherwise quite busy Japanese fabrics. It's more fun that I thought it would be, in part developing new setting ideas to help highlight the main blocks. Now all I need to do is find home for them!!

The Inside Stori said...

The Idaho Beauty on 3/22/18
Looks so warm and inviting. Turned out great! on ORIENTAL STYLE ART QUILT FOR SALE -

Vera Holmgren said...

Thanks for sharing, it's a great way to use up prints and to make them more interesting.