Monday, February 12, 2018


Continuing our art camp adventures.......while each batch of our eco-printing simmers for 2 hours we spent time indigo dyeing.
Nan is a terrific & generous host.....we work on her large patio which overlooks a golf course.....allowing us plenty of space to spread out.
 Blue has always been my favorite color....followed by red.  Therefore I'm always ready to create more indigo dyed fabrics.  We worked with white cottons, silk noil, and lots of old linens.

Some artists get very scientific with their folding/stitching/wrapping methods, all which act as resists for the dye penetration and dictates the designs.  We were less we chatted away enjoying the beautiful sunny day.
We had prepared the indigo dye bath ahead of time. I decided to dye half of my bundles dry and the other half after soaking in water for about 10 mins.  After massaging each packet in the indigo bath for 2+ mins., it was removed and placed in a bin.....allowing the dye to set a bit longer.  
I'm now unwrapping one of my dry can see how the color turns from green to blue as it reacts to oxygen.  I found the pieces dyed from the wet stage had less white than the dry ones.  Of course the way it is folded/manipulated also affects the outcome.
Impressive results....we are happy campers!
 Another piece released from its string/knots/rubber bands etc. - already turning blue.

And we eat well too......homemade pizza that didn't quite stay on the hot pizza stone....totally my doing as this Cheesehead really piled on the cheese!

Another year of good memories and friendship were Feb. can't come soon enough!  


The Idaho Beauty said...

Impressive results indeed - what fun!

Ann Scott said...

Mary, Such beautiful results! Really enjoyed seeing these photos... the fabrics are to die for and the pizza look darn good too!

Nancy said...

Wow- these are great results. Oh yeah, I forgot about the 2 hour simmering while you wait on the eco-dyeing. Yum pizza! What a grand adventure for you girlfriends. I'm so glad you all can enjoy this time together. Sensory overload and the very best of ways.

Robbie said...

Love the indigo fabrics!!!! You always have such a great time! Pizza looks great! I only eat cheese pizza!!! so of course I could almost taste that cheese! HA