Saturday, December 16, 2017


Our annual PTA (Professional Textile Artists) gathering was held at Barbara's beautifully decorated home.  2 of our 15 members were unable to attend, however I can assure you....the 13 of us made up for it in noise and general hilarity.
 BUT...what is this?  From left to right, Connie, Dort, Kate, Barbara, Marene.....
This very serious moment is not typical of this group!
 We have a white elephant exchange every year....numbers are drawn, gifts opened, and swapped back and forth as the the exchange proceeds....making it even more fun. 
 But first we had an abbreviated show and tell.  Marene is an accomplished garment maker and here she models her beautiful jacket.
 Georgia brought her quilt top depicting NY scenes to commemorate a trip she took with a family member.
 Kate has been taking a batik workshop and displayed a stunning piece.  
 Barbara has been working on a real masterpiece....we had her hold it up in front of a window to show just how many tiny seams she's stitched to develop her design.
 Then of course the silliness began....I don't know why members of this group have the need to put Christmas wrapping items on their heads....but every year we are treated to new and goofier looks.

 Barbara brought us to a new belly busting laughing fit as she donned the lamp shade from her gift, a lamp made from an antique wooden spool.
The gift I got was filled with cat toys....Linda went to a lot of trouble pulling items together.....since I don't do cats....all those items were distributed to the cat owners in our group.  However, this gem was also in the box.  I can't wait to send it to CA for our grandsons....perhaps it might be the perfect way to potty train the 2 year old!

I'm hoping readers can open and see/hear this gem....Georgia Bonesteel, yes THE Georgia Bonesteel's white elephant was a ceramic rooster pitcher.  She was sure it must be musical or do something other than simply dispense a liquid.  My iphone was handy and I caught her testing here theory.....along with sound affects.  Yes...this group can turn any moment into priceless memories!

The food was plentiful and excellent, there just might have been some adult beverages....we are all fans of bubbly.  We all look forward to another year of sharing our love of fiber and treasured companionship.


Ann Scott said...

That looks like it was a fun and wild party! Beautiful sharing too. The Original Lightbowl, cracked me up, never heard of such a thing. Many moons ago Georgia was here in San Diego visiting quilt shops for her Lap Quilting program and I had the pleasure of being featured in one of her segments (I was so green back then), so neat for me to see her sharing fun times with you. P.S. At least one person in my family wears a gift bow on their head every Christmas...special people!

Robbie said...

omg...Georgia was a hoot! I had to watch twice just because I was laughing so hard! What a fun day!

Linda M said...

What a great party and fun gifts, the Original Lightbowl may do the trick for potty training.