Monday, December 18, 2017


Back to back Christmas celebrations made for a fun filled week.....Even though there are only 6 of us....we are just as loud as all 13 PTA members together!

My photo documentation of the day was pitiful....way too many distractions, however here's a few to share.
 We each bring 1 wrapped are selected by drawing numbers.  Judy opened this treasure made by Denny.......great, isn't it?!?

 The package Val brought was filled with stunning small books made from papers she printed.  Everyone was vying for this gift.
 There are almost no great!!
 This is the gift I received brought by Gen which will keep giving for a long time to come!

I couldn't resist this duo....Gen and Kate with their red sweaters and nearly identical Christmas tree pins!
 Gen was our gracious hostess......who couldn't get into the holiday spirit after seeing her inviting table?
 And the napkins!!! Only Gen would take the time to create these very special napkins!
We do a semi-coordinated pot luck.....Denny somehow started a tradition a number of years ago by bringing this Yule log desert treat.  Yes, it was as delicious as it looks.

We also use this 'meeting' to set goals for next year....and not surprising, there are numerous techniques already on the list to play with starting in January.  I will be reporting back on the activities of the Fiber Junkies as the year progresses.

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Robbie said...

I just want the yule cake!