Wednesday, March 15, 2017


My attention to this blog has been lacking lately as I'm still hunkered down working on a special project that is SLOWLY coming together.  To say I'm focused is an understatement, in part that's due to the complicated process the design requires.
First let me say, I'm not generally a fuser....give me turned edges over raw ones any day of the week. But here's a tip that may come in handy for you someday when you are fusing.

This view of an area on the quilt doesn't appear complicated at all does it?  Yet exact placement of the motifs was vital. I came up with this idea a number of years ago while creating a quilt where much of the designing with fused motifs was done while it was on the design wall. to transfer a biggish piece to the pressing surface while keeping all the motifs exactly in place?
 'Fuse tack' them with a hot Clover mini iron.  It's easy to get into small areas to work around pins. (These strips are a scant 1/4" wide).  The pieces are fused just enough to hold in place before transferring the entire top from the design wall to the ironing board for final pressing.
Perhaps this method can be helpful to you someday too.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

You are so right that those little Clover irons are handy for spot fusing. I do have one but generally forget that I do. A handy tip you've shared.

Robbie said...

Good tip...might be easier than me laying my work on the floor and taking the iron with me!! HA Stops me from using my design board.

margaret said...

I love my iron and see you are making good use of yours on the design wall. Interesting piece you are working on will we be seeing beads?

The Inside Stori said...

To answer beads this time......though the design could easily support them. Yet, it's a gift and I think the recipient would prefer the piece w/o beads....difficult to believe I know!!

Nancy said...

Thanks for this- it reminds me that I have one of those little irons and have not had it out in the sunlight for some time. But it's perfect for this task. Sounds as if you are knee-deep in something special.