Monday, March 27, 2017


Continuing.......One suggestion I read was to use alcohol ink on plastic.
 Numerous large X-rays were unearthed from my closet which seemed likely candidates.  Unfortunately, the ink didn't adhere to either side.  Drat!  However, the whole bunch went home with Val who will surely come up with some fabulous technique to use them.  Will report back on this.....
 Another idea I found showed inks applied to the smooth surface of leather.  Again, digging into my supply cave, I found some leather samples.
I placed droplets of the inks onto the leather and move them around by blowing on a straw placed close to each drop.
Various colors of ink, plus liquid acrylic provided a marbled appearance to the small piece of leather.

This mindless activity was totally satisfying for me given the extreme head ache I was coping with....left top is a larger piece of leather (detail on the right).  2nd row are 4 smaller leather pieces.....none of which I have any clue how to utilize more than just gawking with pleasure.

The final piece is a more typical application of alcohol inks....applied to Yupo paper (it's not actually paper but rather it's plastic....with the look and feel of strong quality paper.)
Kate brought a pile of 'needs more work' samples from previous experiments and gifted me with three. Here's the before of one....
 Now using both inks and liquid acrylics.....obviously with no thought in mind.....
 Then more inks were applied....
Then Kate came up with the idea of putting some of the homemade ink into a spray bottle....which helped to even out the color..... I like all three pieces I made and expect they will find their way into a future project soon.

My Internet friend Robbie and a pal were also playing with inks this week. Jump over to her blog to see their much more artistic and thought out results....they probably had their wits about themselves and aren't drinking wine while they work!

Final post on this subject coming next....stay tuned.


Robbie said...

I think you each did a great I said on Judy's blog, each piece is so interesting and always different! Thanks for the headache! I've had it all day! HA

margaret said...

you have produced some lovely pieces here now wonder what yo will do with them. Trust the headache did not last long and all is well now