Wednesday, March 22, 2017


The Professional Grade 1/4" piecing foot I referred to in my last post continues to astonish and please me.  How could a $7.00 foot, using the left hole of a single hole plate (not really has 3 holes) make such a difference?!?  And shame on the dealer for not knowing about it.....but kuddos to the Janome owner's list who shared this info!!
62" x 65"
Sure, this isn't exactly difficult patchwork.....actually far from it, but I'm thrilled with the precision I got....working with homespun type plaids can be tricky due to their tendency to stretch.

My family members probably have all the quilts they can use or ever this one, along with a pieced backing and prepared binding will be donated to our local quilt guild where there are many generous long arm quilters who will finish it so it can be passed along to someone in need.


Robbie said...

Homespun is sometimes difficult to work with...your quilt looks like precision work for sure!!! Nice!

margaret said...

looking good and sure to be loved by whoever is lucky enough to receive it

The Idaho Beauty said...

Nice! And indeed there's plenty of need out there for some compassionate warmth. Lucky you have a place to pass it on to for the quilting and dispensing.